About Us

In present world, were technologies are fast developing, new inventions and growing demands to supply those services are needed, Piomak Group was established to furnish Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) Solutions worldwide.
The Group’s synchronized activity do provide client oriented solutions covers’ basic design, quality material and equipment procurement, installation and dedicated projects construction.
Piomak Group, which is by now a multinational companies, are furnishing Turnkey solutions, for the Industry and Infrastructure sectors. The Group is providing “Added Value” services based on its C.A.M.P. Believes.
Since starting in May 1992, Piomak has placed a great emphasis on development and Design of Electro-Mechanical and Automation Systems for various projects in the Industry and Utilities sectors.
By 1999 Piomak has established its German subsidiary in Munich, to carry out its Turnkey solutions for Water Works.
Achieving substantial reference list in its principal market, Turkey; Piomak has also became a solution partner for many companies and utilities in Eastern Europe, Africa and the Middle East.
After significant experience in the construction market, beside fast and effective solution development using years of accumulated knowledge, respectful partnership and highly qualified team of specialists Piomak Group companies have settled to the deserved own place.

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